Cyberpunk: Night City is expanding to a two-day event

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Cyberpunk: Night City is expanding to a two-day event, with the streets of Night City being open on Friday and Saturday night!

We’ve decided to expand the game to include Friday for a night for role-playing, photos, workshops, planned scenes and seeds for the upcoming night on Saturday night.

The Night City game space will be open from 6pm til Midnight, Friday night.

We’ve gotten a strong initial response, and we want to offer more without changing our prices. We’ve decided to respond and spoken to our set team and the site owners, to try and offer more time in the awesome world we are creating for you.

If you aren’t able to attend the Friday night portion or will arrive late, no worries! This night will be build-up to the Saturday night block party, but will not be required. We will make sure everyone is involved and hooked into the story.

Online-only tickets are still for Saturday only, but online players are free to reach out and interact during the Friday scenes but they will not have a gamemaster on duty.


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