How To Play

LARPing is an amazing and unique past-time. You get to play and inhabit a completely different person in another world. You get to play for hours being someone other than yourself.

In Cyberpunk: Night City, you will be surrounded by the illusion of being in market and block party in the streets of Night City. Vendors will hawk their wares, street docs will do back-alley surgeries, the make-shift clubs and bars will rock with music and television will stream the finest entertainment that 2036’s streams have to offer – and if you are a streamer yourself, you might even wind up on one.

You can discover jobs, and either get the money for arranging the team that went or go on them yourself. You can work a business, trying to get enough money to pay off your debts or get a better life. You can find the one cybernetic part you need to become the elite netrunner you want to be – or the tools necessary to save someone’s life. There are hundreds of possibilities. But in the end, it’s all about the characters. It’s about being somewhere else for a time.

Selecting Your Character

In Cyberpunk: Night City, you are guided to find a character that fits your style of play. In early April, you will get an invite to join our character selection website, Larpweaver. The invite will be sent to whatever email you enter when you buy your tickets. Inside Larpweaver, you will answer questions and be guided to selecting a pre-written character and then customizing them.

This gives you a huge amount of control over your experience, by letting you select a character out of a wide variety of options.

Step 1: Get your invite

You will receive an email inviting you to register with Larpweaver. If you already have an account with Larpweaver, your existing account will be used and you will be given access to the Night City character selection.

Emails are sent in small batches based on the type of tickets bought and the order they were bought.

Step 2: Selecting your groups and character

Once you sign in to Larpweaver, you will have a guided experience where you choose what types of groups interest you. Don’t worry if you go down a route and don’t like what you see! You can back out and try another path at any time before you finalize your character.

Step 3: Answer some questions

Then, you will be asked some questions about your character. These questions will further customize your character, giving them traits and additional features that fit with your answers.

Step 4: Finalize your character

As a final step, you pick your character’s name and gender then hit finalize.

Take a look at your character! You will see the groups they are a member of; along with the other characters and players in those groups so you can reach out before the game. And maybe you will see some secret information you weren’t able to see before.

You can sign into Larpweaver and review your character at any time.

Custom Characters

Some tickets include one-on-one sessions with a member of the writing staff to write a custom character. If you have one of these tickets, you will get an email from our staff to set up a meeting. Then we can talk out possibilities and create an awesome unique character made just for you, that fits into the cityscape of Night City.

Before the Event

You have two awesome nights to experience Night City, but we encourage you to reach out to your fellow players ahead of time.

Online Communications

Our Discord channel is the primary venue for interplayer collaboration and coordination, along with having announcements, along with speaking to staff members.

The Cyberpunk: Night City player’s group on Facebook is another place for posting announcements, posting pictures, asking questions and keeping track of the event. You can also say you are going to our event on Facebook, to let everyone know the cool thing you are doing!

The Jackalope Live Action Studios page will have announcements and teasers for this event and other events.

Make Connections and Plan

Reach out to your fellow players, in the groups you are part of or with anyone else. You are free to make connections and build back story however much you want, adding on more details to your character that you want.

Go ahead and reveal secrets about your character you want revealed, plan out scenes you think would be cool to run and even play out back story scenes online with your fellow players. That way when you arrive in Night City, you are prepared to have a great time and already know who you will be playing with.

You’ll notice we said reveal your secrets. Yes, we don’t worry about metagaming in these bespoke games. In fact, we encourage it. Feel free to steer towards particular things happening or particular facts being revealed. It’s all about creating an awesome story in a short time.

During the Event


The game consists of two nights of play. Friday night will be roleplaying scenes from Night City inside our set – background scenes, improvised moments, the bits and pieces that make up your back story and your experience before the night of the block party. Saturday night will be the block party Night’s Wake. Saturday night will be full of music, intrigue, deals, drama and confrontations.

During the day on Saturday, we’ll be doing workshops on the mechanics and safety techniques that will be used Saturday night.

Check-in and registration will be run at the hotel or at the game site during Saturday and Friday. A more detailed schedule will be sent closer to the event.

May 24, 2019

1PM-5PM: Registration Open @ San Antonio Marriot Northwest

5PM-Midnight: Night City, Preludes @ Airsoft 15

May 25, 2019

12PM-5PM: Registration @ San Antonio Marriot Northwest

12:30PM-2PM: First time player safety workshops @ San Antonio Marriot Northwest

2PM-2:30PM: Returning player safety refresher workshops (for previous Jackalope players) @ San Antonio Marriot Northwest

5PM-12 Midnight: Night City, Night’s Wake @ Airsoft Revolution 15


The main game location is normally used as an indoor airsoft arena, though we are completely redecorating it for our purposes.

Accessibility: Both of our sites are wheelchair accessible. The event itself strives to be wheelchair friendly and has many roles that will not require heavy physical exertion. Some game elements may be difficult for people with impaired motor skills or mobility, such as combat missions. Please communicate any concerns with the game staff at


San Antonio Marriot Northwest
3233 Northwest Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78213

Limited rooms are available at a special rate with this link.

Game Site

Airsoft Revolution 15
5415 Bandera Rd #510
San Antonio, TX 78238

Note: This is not an airsoft or physical combat event. We are using their space to recreate the setting of Night City.

What You Will Do

The Night City experience is under your control! Feel free to explore it in a way that is fun and engaging for you, and in a way that enhances the fun and immersion of those around you. But here are some main lanes of play you can count on experiencing.

Experience Night City

You will walk into a 10,000 foot warehouse space that professional set and prop designers have remade into a block of Night City, in the middle of a block party and street market. Explore it. Experience it. Dance to the music, talk to the vendors, see what there is to see and just be your character.

Navigate the Intrigue

But there’s also always something going on. Track down strange happenings on the street and in the Net. Navigate underworld politics and negotiations. Deal with corporate espionage and duplicity. Uncover the secrets of the city, and the things that you can only find on the edge.

Clandestine corporate operations mix with gang rivalries and underworld intrigues in the streets of Night City. Serial killers stalk the streets and petty criminals get in over their head. Who knows what you might find once you are there, or what you might already be involved in?

Be the Star

The New Media is a force to be reckoned with in 2036. Livestream the party, find the big news stories, get a leg up on what is new and fashionable or what no one wants you to know. Night’s Wake is a place where people go to find the bleeding edge of culture. It’s also a place where the news happens; and where you can find the stories that could make your follower count soar and make your sponsors happy.

Film the action. Stream the style. Get the scoop. Be live on the scene before anyone else is.

Get into the Action

Are you playing a solo mercenary or netrunner? You can hack into systems to get extra information on upcoming missions, upgrade your gear and cyberwear in the market and find things that will give you an edge. But most of all, hook up with your fixer. There are missions up for the offering if you are quick and you are good – and you got the street cred to back it up.

Or you might be playing a fixer. Work your contacts and find new jobs – then find people who are able to do them. Take your cut and make sure nothing goes wrong, and make sure your team doesn’t take a knife to a gunfight.

Missions can take many forms. Talk your way past the bouncer at a gang-controlled bar. Solve puzzles and break into a biotech lab and get a hacker to a secure terminal. Get into a simulated gun fight with a group of street psychos. There’s all sorts of things out there, and each one requires a different combination of abilities and skills from your team.

Hustle the Streets

Credits. Influence. Upgrades. Information. All these things are to be found in the Carter Street Market, especially on a night like this when the place is flooded with tourists, slummers, and operators. Suitcases full of illegal combat drugs, black market dream dance recordings, hijacked state of the art cybertech – all of these are up for grabs.

Or you could be into a different type of business. Ripperdocs, sex workers, con artists and everything else can be found in Night City’s Northside. They are certainly going to be taking advantage of a night of relative peace and plenty of customers.

Come Join Us!

Come join us! Tickets are on sale now, and we hope to see you in the streets of Night City, this Memorial Day weekend.